Dilbert Lives!

Part of a hilarious entry by Design By Fire. You do want to read this. Why did I like it? It reminded me of conversations between two of my sons..

Dealing with engineers



?I said no.?

?Why? Why can?t we do that??

?It won?t work.?

?Why won?t it work??

?It?s complicated. There?s a lot of technical details.?

?I?ve got time.?

?I don?t. I?m not going to code it that way just because you, Design Nazi, say so. Besides, it?s confusing.?

?Confusing? Says who? Do we have user testing data that says that??

?I don?t know. Don?t you guys have that stuff??

?Are you saying no because you don?t like the design or because you don?t know how to code it??

?I have a lot of work to do. Are we done yet??

And ok, it made me glad I just do my housewifey thing and work on this stuff for fun:)