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Strangers Complain When I Breast Feed In Public!

Do you think it’s okay to breast feed your child in public places but others complain that your behavior is inappropriate?

Have strangers told you that they are appalled by your breast feeding in restaurants, grocery stores, public restrooms, department stores, doctor’s offices, etc. but you think breast feeding is such a natural and beautiful act that you should have the right to do it anywhere and anytime you please?

OR do you know someone who breast feeds their child in public and you are offended by it? Do you need Dr. Phil’s help at confronting your friend or family member about their inappropriate habit to breast feed in public?

Well? What’s your experience on this? You tell yours first and then I’ll tell mine… or if no one says anything, you know I’ll tell mine anyway.

6 thoughts on “Dr Phil Wants To Know”

  1. I’ve never got what the big deal is. If the woman is discreet (uses a blanket or something) then what’s the problem? Sometimes I think our society has become too sensitive for our own good.

  2. My thoughts would echo yours. I think some of the controversy is probably centered on being less discreet, BUT I remember things that came up from people just uncomfortable with the entire idea of breastfeeding.

  3. For me it’s when there is a lack of discretion. It’s funny because the average guy has no problem with breasts, but let a child be hanging on and I think that the deep down sense of decency is awakened and people realize that they are seeing something private and personal.

  4. Discretion, definitely… but I think some adjustment of cultural attitude is in order, too. Breastfeeding is just plain good for moms and babies, and we don’t accept ideas of ‘purdah’, so maybe places like Target could carry those nifty nursing clothes that help hide the obvious, and women could remember that the artful use of shawls, baby blankets or even large scarves could protect everyones sensibilities a bit.

  5. I breastfed both of my babies…and quite often it was in public. You just have to know some fancy tricks, and let the junk roll off. One trick is to get one of the tank tops (they sell at Target by the nursing bras) and wear that under a same colored shirt, no one will see anything! I used to feed my babies all the time (even in front of my pastor, who had no idea). Just keep eye contact with the person in a converstaion too (it prevents distractions).

    If more people do it and don’t make a big deal out of it, it will be accepted and people will quit seeing breasts as purely sexual.

    I used to tell people that breasts were put there for babies, not men.

  6. but men like ’em, so I don’t know that we can escape the sexual connection there, but we ought to get more accustomed to the baby connection in society. HEY! That could solve alot of problems;)

    Your apparel idea is great. I hate to admit it, but I had leaky faucets, if you know what I mean. When feeding time was overdue I blew gaskets. Anyway, the tip for that is to always have those disposable or washable pads to absorb the overflow.

    I don’t know that I ever had the presence, the cool, to pull off the holding conversation while feeding baby, but, then, we all can learn:)

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