Instead of burying it underneath the other post, I decided to make the addendum in its own spot. Sozo, through sharing that his retreat’s focus was on the same reference, has made me think a bit more about the application.( by the way, his blog is always a worthwhile and edifying visit)

Sometimes God has a very personal word for us, sometimes a word for our family or for our local church…but sometimes He is speaking of something that has a more widespread reach as to what He is doing and what is ahead for us as Christians. You don’t always know.

What you do know is that God’s Word is lively, so it gives inspiration and impetus in the ground that receives it. In that spirit I will share the other pieces that I have, so far, collected on the subject.

C. H. Spurgeon had a message I read in pursuit of better understanding. He speaks of the angles of view, from past, present, and future. Some of the things he mentions are word meanings, and one of the word meanings is the place name of where this memorial to God was set up: ‘Mizpeh’. He says, “Mizpeh was the place of renewed covenant, and its name signifies the watch-tower”. The watch tower is analogous to a place of prayer, watching prayer… waiting upon God. This is another word that God has been emphasizing to me. Returning to the watch… the place He has called me to.

So you see, I am starting to see a message for direction in my life, one that coincides with things I have already been taught, with the message of the gospel in general, but with a fresh emphasis and a new nuance of meaning for me, personally.

Is this a word for the Church? I cannot say…. it is something that is of benefit for anyone to remember how far God has thus brought you, how faithful He has proven, a call to renew covenant with Him, and a dedication to prayer that waits for His direction.

Another word meaning in all this is the name of Samuel. Samuel who very early learned to tune his hearing to God is named “to hear God” which is translated from:
to hear, listen to, obey

1. (Qal)
1. to hear (perceive by ear)
2. to hear of or concerning
3. to hear (have power to hear)
4. to hear with attention or interest, listen to
5. to understand (language)
6. to hear (of judicial cases)
7. to listen, give heed
8. to consent, agree
9. to grant request
10. to listen to, yield to
11. to obey, be obedient
2. (Niphal)
1. to be heard (of voice or sound)
2. to be heard of
3. to be regarded, be obeyed
3. (Piel) to cause to hear, call to hear, summon
4. (Hiphil)
1. to cause to hear, tell, proclaim, utter a sound
2. to sound aloud (musical term)
3. to make proclamation, summon
4. to cause to be heard (noun masculine)
5. sound

I want to hear God distinctly in my spirit, I believe the times call for that. Too much is discouraging and confusing, people are aghast at the state of affairs in our society, in the world. Our ears are like sensors that are moving along seeking the sound of something with weight and widsom, something that the mind can attach its direction and response to….. the ear has its own ‘tastebuds’.

How sad if there is a dearth of the Word of God, if the ear cannot discern clarity, but muddles along with echos that are then lost in the air. We have had enough of talking heads…. we are glazing over with the useless information and the disappointing things we see and hear… but in all this….
I have decided to raise my Ebenezer…. I will wait upon the watchtower with that stone of help in sight…. and if there is anythng to share, I hope to have clarity enough to share it