Evangelical American Artefacts

Parablemania has an article on the debate over who best represents Evangeliical America. I don’t really like that term, but that is how most people think of it. The nominees have been Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, and most recently, John Stott, while Dr. Dobson is being discussed.

If this is a topic that interests you, click your way on over to the link and read Jeremy Pierce’s analysis. I don’t always agree with how he works things out, but I highly respect his thinking.

My own thoughts? None of the above. Jerry Falwell represents the old guard of the Moral Majority, and is simply a political celebrity like Jesse Jackson in my opinion. Pat Robertson is someone who has high visibility due to his media exposure, he is the talking head representative, but not one who really “speaks for the people’ in the trenches of Christianity in America. Dr. Dobson is concerned with issues and he is political, but he is an emotional voice attached to those specific issues rather than taking on representation of the larger picture. I think he has retained his initial focus of the family ( slight pun there), which is not a bad thing, but not largely encompassing all that Evangelical Christianity is on the American scene. I personally never heard of Stott before entering the Christian blogosphere, so on that basis alone I would say he is more influential on a specific sector of Evangelicals proper.

Who would I nominate? I think maybe Chuck Colson. He isn’t played as largely in the media, but he is more wholly representative of how many Christians in America feel about issues and politics in general.

In no way do I weigh in as an expert on these things….. I am not greatly interested by this facet, I am more interested in advancing the spiritual Kingdom of God and believe that use of politics is important as an exercise of rights, but not the means to advance the Gospel into men’s hearts. No aspersions intended, that is just my personal conviction.

* Chuck Colson’s Top 10 Moral Issues Facing America for further reading in this context.

2 thoughts on “Evangelical American Artefacts”

  1. Colson’s a little better than Dobson, but I don’t think he’s much different. I still think Piper is much closer to someone who best represents evangelicals in America. Even Rick Warren would be better than those who are focusing more on political issues like Colson and Dobson.

  2. As I said I am not expert and haven’t given it much thought…. so you may very well be right in your alternative choices. Perhaps it is hard to pick only one ‘fearless leader’, but for myself, I don’t even pay attention to anything pro or con about Jerry Falwell, but he is the favorite Left rallying point for why Christians are so “dangerous”. Again, OMO.

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