Evangelicals and the Environment- what is the truth?

In fairly close proximity of time, I came across these two posts about the perception of how Evangelicals line up on environmental issues. The first I came upon was the “Hungarian Luddite” I didn’t give too much deep thought to it, but then came across The Pulpit Magazine’s Evangelicalism and the Environmental Movement post.

What struck me is the light manner in which some issues are handled by the leadership of Evangelical churches. I’ve run across this before. In seeking some input on what view is taken on the issues of ‘Women in the Church’ – I was a bit surprised by the take that “it isn’t a fundamental issue”. This is how I think MacArthur is handling the proposed Evangelical stance concerning environmentalism… it gives somewhat more ballast to what was said over @ the Hungarian Luddite blog. Not evidence, just a little more weight in that direction.

It is giving me reason to knit my brow. What turned me toward the direction of checking out The Pulpit? Those instigators over at Pyromaniacs, God love ’em;)
And here is how out of the loop I am: I don’t even know what is meant by “the lordship debate”. I guess that is something I give short shrift to.

4 thoughts on “Evangelicals and the Environment- what is the truth?”

  1. Well, I can’t believe you missed the Lordship debate 🙂
    The Lordship Debate was HUGE when Dr MacArthur’s first book on the issue came out. His book really challenged my own thinking on the issue. The very notion that we debate the Lordship of Jesus is almost blasphemous. I do think it can be carried too far and cross into legalism but in this cheap grace age we live in…….we need a lot more emphasis on the Lordship of Christ.

    On Environmentalism………The one recent issue that fried me was the letter signed by noted Evangelicals that in essence said that because Evangelicals are divided on environmental issues we should, as leaders, be neutral and not take a position.

    I suspect you “might” know what I said when I read that.

  2. I’m constantly astonished at the topics which are deemed important and worthy of concern, and those which are brushed under the carpet, such as environmentalism.

    Thanks for the links, I will need to check them out.


  3. Thank you for your confession, I read (admittedly lazily) through the lordship stuff and I didn’t get it. Based on the huge volume of comments, I just presumed I was alone.

  4. oops – but that wasn’t the point of your post. I’m definitely post-trib and I think I’m pre-millenial although I haven’t thought through the latter so well.

    I read the Hungarian blog and perhaps I need to read Skipping Towards Armageddon – although I cannot imagine taking the time for it. Like the Hungarian, I don’t read fiction and I don’t buy into LaHaye’s fictional theology.

    Ok – with all that, I’m missing the link between my eschatology and my view toward the environment. My view toward the environment is more about my view of God, man, and man’s role on earth. That is then combined with my understanding of the condition of the earth. Eschatological thinking didn’t enter into it.

    I am one of those that is not overly concerned about the environment. One might debate that but I think it has more to do with understanding the real current condition versus what’s happening in the end times.

    Without further information, I’m defaulting to these guys are picking on this since they cannot find data to convince people like me that the environment is really in trouble.

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