Evangelicals and the Hostile Masses

reprised from the old truegrit:

yes, they do think like that

In World Blog article via Clint was another surprised reaction by Christians to our society’s interpretive view.

The question is asked, “Is CBS really that ignorant of the diversity among evangelicals — here’s a column I wrote on NPR ignorance of Christian belief — or was the goal merely a piece that would scare moderates into voting Democratic? “- Marvin Olasky

Yes, Marvin. It is something that makes the circles with more than one variation., and not just an intimidation tactic. One variation is the assertion that Christians are not ecologically minded due to emphasis on an idea of “rapture” or even from being “too heavenly-minded”, believing that they will go to heaven. Numbers in our society are thinking and speaking along this line.

I don’t think altering ones doctrine is going to be the answer. It certainly isn’t from my view of the firm standard of scripture, but it won’t from the other view of making Christian doctrines more “modern” or to make more sense to modern society.

Because that isn’t the problem.

The problem is that there is hostility and that will find other excuses to pick a bone. On some other doctrine or some other wayward Christian brothers or sisters belief or TV show or something. Because what is really bothering them is that we are not showing consistancy in our life and the ethical living out of that life. It is that again. Not whether we believe in a rapture or not.

When people pick fights with you they either have a reason or they don’t. IOW, Either they have foundation for complaint, which you need to attend to, or they just want a fight for some reason. And if it is that, then nothing you do to placate them is going to be enough.

It is then you being you that is the problem.

So if a Democrat, or anyone else has a concern or an accusation, the Christian community needs to have a reasoned response backed with a consistent Christian witness of a life. That will handle the slippery slopes and the false syllogisms.

What it won’t handle are the natural hostilities to faith in Christ Jesus. We need to understand that, I think.

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