Everything Changes

I know. A new look for the blog… will she ever make up her mind? Yes, this is the last change for awhile. I hope it loads quicker for you. It is hard to make changes when the risks are that the next choice will be worse than what you now have. Life is full of such fears and risks. It can be small or it can be a major thing like moving to a new locality, but change is full of hopes and fears.

I don’t do well with the big sort of changes, although as you see on the blog, I ‘m comfortable with the smaller ones. Too comfortable some might say. The minutiae of life is where I putter around. But like a talk I listened to on the Third Tribe podcast… some changes just don’t matter that much (like changing your font, no), while others make an important difference (improving usability, yes). That was a man speaking from a business perspective in remarks about the look of a website. The artistic perspective is very different from a business one … and that is largely the one I have taken in life. Whether this font or that, this color combination or a different one…. choices choices.

It has me thinking about the balance of perspectives. My present pastor loves to say that we need each other, in all our diversity. Today’s musings seem to support that idea. I tend to believe it, too, and wonder why so many of our choices advocates the very opposite. So much so that there is old cliches about “birds of a feather”. Our tendency is to clique together, and push into molds that we and our familiars are comfortable with. If diversity is healthy, why don’t we want to be made well?

I have some real posts coming up, but thought I would float this idea by while remarking about the new look for this blog. Do you make room for personalities, cultures, talents different than your own? Do you give others a chance, or are you only in tune with your own tribe? Just wondering.

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