Expect To See Another Direction

That title has several applicable meanings here.

In preparation I think it would be a good thing to read this article from First Things. Just read, then think about it. You know the trouble with our particular society? We are shallow media driven thinkers. Yep. We should still be considering the Schiavo case and we should be moving forward consistantly in forming policy within both the government and in the healthcare sector.

But we are politically motivated and driven through the next big thing in the headlines. Admit it. Hang your head a moment, and then focus again.

I’m going to get really nasty with those who bemoan the direction of society and our failing values, etc ad nauseum… if they don’t get a grip on the important issues and actually try to make real change. You know the ones…who go from pivot to post on what the going “horrible thing” du jour is, so we can all gripe and rant about it … and then feel so good that we “get it” and “we” are so not like that.

Pshaw, ptui. Excuse my grit.

So, prepatory reading for looking at one of the pressing issues of the culture, follows. It is not going away and we need to do something besides get all polarized or paralyzed. We need to come to a rational decision of where our stance is and the proper way to navigate the culture within that.

I’m game.

The Homosexual Movement