Feast Your Eyes on This

Surfed awhile and came upon this. The * is beside foods I have eaten. From a list of 50 foods that everyone should eat sometime in their lifetime
1. Fresh fish*
2. Lobster*
3. Steak*
4. Thai food*
5. Chinese food*
6. Ice cream*
7. Pizza*
8. Crab*
9. Curry*
10. Prawns* not my favorite though…have you ever caught craw-dads? ’nuff said.
11. Moreton Bay Bugs…uh…no.
12. Clam chowder*
13. Barbecue*
14. Pancakes* some of these are too easy
15. Pasta*
16. Mussel- no, and please, no.
17. Cheesecake*
18. Lamb*
19. Cream tea- na,no.
20. Alligator- ditto
21. Oysters*
22. Kangaroo…what? no
23. Chocolate*
24. Sandwiches*
25. Greek food*
26. Burgers*
27. Mexican food*
28. Squid…no. looked at it once;)
29. American diner breakfast*
30. Salmon*
31. Venison- no, but I would try it.
32. Guinea pig- agggccckkk!
33. Shark- no
34. Sushi- no, but it looks cute
35. Paella no
36. Barramundi no
37. Reindeer oh no.
38. Kebab*
39. Scallops*
40. Australian meat pie- no, does this have kangaroo?
41. Mango* a definite favorite
42. Durian fruit-no
43. Octopus-no
44. Ribs*
45. Roast beef*
46. Tapas*
47. Jerk chicken/pork*
48. Haggis …och, mon! but no
49. Caviar*
50. Cornish pasty* These are popular in Michigan, I wish Ohio had them readily available.
Via Chickfinity from the BBC top fifty; she missed the last two, but I went to the site and they have descriptions of all the foods. Durian fruit is a definite no. Never in my lifetime will I eat that.

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  1. they were oddly positioned and put into a different format. ….. I wasn’t really surprised that she missed them, and, except for my own obsessiveness, am not sure how I caught it.

    -maybe I reloaded?

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