Fight Like This

I was listening to Radioworshipnet, and that led me to listen to a number of songs by a group, Decyfer Down, on youtube. When I go to this one I started thinking about it in spiritual terms. That is what I do. So, anyway, I thought about the energy in metal music, and the tatts, and all that … I thought about the fight that is before us in our time, in our society, and here are some things that crossed my mind.

Are Christians training? Are they training for the fight that they are engaged in? are we in fighting form to stand against the stream of destruction as heroin floods our city streets? as death stands near on every street? as the present generation looks for answers and finds our churches singularly lacking? Are we prepared/preparing?

Well, then I thought about prayer, and I thought about the scars on our souls… like tatts we have of alienated children, of broken relationships, of failed attempts to mirror heaven and counterfeits of the Kingdom of God. And I thought of how we can have that destroy us or turn us into fighting machines… not machines but beings who fight the good fight. Who put as much energy into prayer, into denying our own selfish wills, as much effort into engaging this generation as any band, as any “connection”…. and fighting in a way that is being called for.

And I don’t think you go into such things with a puffed up confidence in your own strength and ability. I think you go in with a desperation… that you have to win, that everything depends upon it.

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