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angelicI love landmarks. They give me a sense of where I am and where I’m going. Seemingly empty spaces of endless desert space that have no remarkable features make me feel a bit uneasy,although the fact is that nothing is truly featureless on earth- you just have to pay attention and know what to look for.

Take the Aborigines of Australia, for instance. But I’m digressing from pinpointing a couple focus points for 2011.

I was listening to a teaching video about a topic I was interested in, by Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro (who use a lot of bad language in it, but then, that is part of the Ittybiz brand) and one of the things they said triggered a thought that has been surfacing for me recently.

Stop Lying To Yourself

… and that is a focus point for this year. It is time to decidedly throw off the false perceptions, the stultifying barriers that your own mind has erected, and the burdensome excuses that you repeat to yourself. They keep dragging your best efforts and intentions back into the muck. Which isn’t a good place.

Once I stop lying to myself I have more space and time to finding true and helpful things to say to myself… and then to others. AND -most importantly- I will align myself with the intentions of my Creator. I was made a certain way with specific qualities, and I am developing or neglecting those things according to how I understand those basics. That isn’t a whole theological doctrine or philosophy of fatalism, because, especially with the Lord Jesus in your life, there is new creation going on all the time. But it still helps to be aware of the things in your life already.

This focus on “stop lying to myself” is something that is rather theological for me, come to think of it. Basically it is removing a major blockade that stands in the way of believing God, and advancing towards goals with some assurance of success. When we operate according to lies we just spin in senseless circles. Eastern religions have a real concept worked out on this. Several have an explanation for futility, but all I need to understand is this determination to stop lying. It sets the point back to neutral, but it also opens the pathway. That is important.

The positive side of this lesson is one that this past year has had been increasingly revealing. Through experiences, teachings, and during prayer- coming to know who I am. Who I am in God, through His view, as a human ( what were we meant to be, etc).

So, I guess this focus could be expressed as
“Start Telling The Truth To Yourself”

For me, this is very specific. It involves the old advice of meditating on certain scriptures, giving myself the right “self-talk” such as the fact that I have received the sound mind of Christ. A terrific antidote for the messages through out my life that something is fundamentally wrong with me and that I will follow the mentally unhealthy destiny of the family predisposition to depression.

I don’t have to and I can do something about it.
Oh, there is so much that could be said right here…. but I think the general direction is clear. That is the one I’m going in, and guess what I’m finding out about this? It makes me a better person to be around. YES! Slow to see the results at first, but there are glimmers. I always wanted to make positive impacts on others, but had to come to grips that it doesn’t mean finding out what is wrong as much as encouraging to go towards what is good, improving, right, lovely, and all that. Allllll that. It is scriptural: Philippians 4:8
Funny, it is in this chapter, Philippians 4, that we find

“Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.”

Related, you think? I’m thinking it is.

OK. My resolutions have turned more into focus points, and there is a reason for this. I’m pretty old, and I’ve been at this self improvement thing for a long time…. I am like a constant self improvement obsessive. And despite poor results, I keep trying. To answer your question, I do have a sound mind, thanks. The point of my reason to shift towards focus points is to have longterm efforts that eventually win the day, accomplish the intent. Like the de-cluttering. This is a lifetime change.

Releasing positive thoughts and saying encouraging things are other long term habits to develop, especially for a realist like me. But positive and good things are MORE real than the negatives. They last longer once instituted. Ok- that is something to argue and discuss sometime in the future, this is just writing some notes on personal internal thinking I have.

I have lots of things I want to do this year, so some of the efforts I am making at the head of the year is prioritizing. I think making priorities is especially important for a woman like me. I need to stay on track and there are many voices who like to say my time is less important than theirs. Because I’m a woman, because I don’t have a “real job”, and because I like to take time for people and be flexible. But what I am finding is that there is a real need for people like me in the world. We are at a premium, and part of what I want to do is value myself along with valuing others more, too. To see holistically, and how we all matter in different ways.

I want to grow into being a nice old lady. Not every young bitch gets to do that ( sorry, but that is the language that applied). But I look forward to being able to be better as I age. It will depend on being serious about my goals, intentions, and convictions.

This year will include prayer,but I think it will be supercharged with certain additives. I want to explore the gifts that operate with prayer, and partner together for prayer in different ways. That has been happening anyway, and I hope to co-operate more fully with that. 2010 was like climbing a long hill. I got stronger, but it wasn’t easy. For 2011, I’d like to grow wings, but I’m not sure that is in the works… maybe just enjoy the journey more and continue giving up the need to control. That is the final focus I leave you all with. If I make an official list of resolutions, they will get posted. Until then, I wish all my readers the best and most inspirational of years. I’m looking forward to 2011 as it unfolds.

Oh, and if you want to listen to the Ittybiz video, here is the link– there are GD and F-bomb words on the topic of making a blogging business.
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One thought on “Focus For 2011”

  1. pretty old is relative, dear. i’d say
    we have held up pretty well, aside
    from the slings and arrows of health
    and our own inner critics!
    one of my doctors once told me this:
    “self-accusing and abusing [a very
    common bad habit] is essentially
    saying screw you -sorry- to our creator”
    that one thing helped me greatly
    on my life’s pathway.
    all is reciprocal:
    yell at me, i’ll shout at you
    hate me and i’ll despise you
    criticize me and i’ll chastise you
    more you give…more you get!!
    but the greatest of these is Love.

    when that critic mutters in your ear,
    make a list of all that love and
    respect and admire you. so many
    people cannot be wrong!!
    this works very well for me.
    my dear old friend…

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