Following Footsteps

St. Paul spoke of following example, and I thought since I have often said how I appreciated Uncle Sam’s Cabin: Thankful Thursday, I would follow the example.
This Thursday finds me thankful for:

  1. The safety and good health my family has so far enjoyed
  2. renewed motivation and the encouragement that “He shall renew thy strength as the eagle”
  3. that this has been a good summer for me
  4. for hopefulness
  5. for God’s provision for this day
  6. my kitchen, I am very thankful for that
  7. the rain upon the dry earth
  8. trees, I love them all especially mine and I am very thankful for their shade and beauty

Bear with me…. I could go on, I have a backlog here……See? Isn’t this an edifying thing? You start to feel happy reading, and even more with the writing; because, really, folks, there is so much good.

Thank you, God, that I actually exercised a bunch of times this last week and almost made it through an entire tape ( exercise video).

2 thoughts on “Following Footsteps”

  1. Your gratitude is encouraging and contagious!

    I cannot keep up with your informative posts, but please know that I read and benefit from your perspective!

  2. Ah, Ilona, something for me to think on as I drift off to sleep here. I needed that nudge, today of all days.

    Funny I came by ….

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