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Gaping Void via Chez Pim.

As I was looking through cooking blogs- which is something that I want to have more links on-somewhere, probably on the WordPress rendition I am slaving away on- I found this.

I am in the mood to improve my cooking efforts. I used to be a fairly decent cook- but like Keely was saying in her Saturday post…. I find that time has decayed my glowing picture of what I thought I was. My cooking isn’t up to snuff.

I can do a mean Sam’s Club Potsticker dumpling! In fact Sam’s Club and the deli @ Wild Oats have saved many a meal for me.

It just isn’t very creative and home-cooked satisfactory. Tastes good though.


On that funny topic:

While looking through the gapingvoid blog I came upon this helpful post, How To Be Creative. It is like I got my expressed wish for something to improve my blogging ( and all creative endeavors) and some funnies, as well. A word of warning, though, there is more than a bit of offensive language on the site, although not so much on the creative post. If that is hard for you to take, be advised.

3 thoughts on “Found A Funny”

  1. Thanks for the tip on the “How to be Creative”site – I live for things like that when I hit a block.

  2. Funny stuff!

    I love to cook! Good thing, that! Browsing through cookbooks gets me out of a slump. A few simple, fresh ingredients and some fresh herbs and I’m enthusiastic. How many are you cooking for these days?

  3. Daily I cook for 7, but when it is a holiday or special occasion that number can jump to 13-15. I’m hoping to have more people over again-the family stuff got me out of the habit, but I love to have casual get-together and that can inflate the numbers.

    Right now I have made my own sort of gazpacho using the fresh salsa by Oasis or Jack’s. I am inspired to try salmon once I get Derek’s ( caterer) recipe. I like fish and like to cook itbut my family has a prejudice against it.

    Have any sites you like on the cooking topic?

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