Francis De Sales, Quoted

North Western Winds

The Enemy of souls often inspires men with ardent desires for unattainable things, in order to divert their attention from present duties, which would be profitable however trifling in themselves. We are apt to fight African monsters in imagination, while we let very petty foes vanquish us in reality for want of due heed. – Francis De Sales

North Western Winds calms my soul.


In the spirit of this, check out The Doctor Is In:

“Major Media–the big papers and TV news outlets–have their obsessive outrages, generally tacking hard to port, while talk radio and the more conservative blogs tack starboard. It is easy to get caught up in either, and expend precious energy fuming about that which is far beyond my ability to control–hopping from Drudge to Kos, Rush to Atrios, Washington Post to Washington Times. Whiplash, I tell you, whiplash–all at the light-speed of 21st century media.”

But go and read the whole thing… what one man does in response to his conscience and his concern. You cannot lay accusation of “want of due heed” at this man’s door.