Get a Righteous Massage

It was an eye-opening experience.
Kristie Vosper:

“I looked around the place, and I just got more and more angry.
It felt dark and evil, and I hadn’t wanted to believe my intuition was correct because the prospect of a 20 dollar 1 hour massage sounded like a great new routine for me. Convenient, affordable, relaxing. It can’t be these things if it means we are contributing to the treatment of immigrants. Whether legal or illegal, we each should treat every human being with dignity.

I closed the door firmly and walked out to my car thinking of who I knew and who I would contact today that is involved in investigative reporting. I know the issues are complex but I think the first thing we need to do is expose these horrible practices that many of us are not aware of.

I thought inside, “this is righteous anger. I will not be able to ignore this.””

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