Gettin’ Into A Godverb Groove

It took me a few posts, but I started to get into this guys groove. I’ll tell you what did it for me… he quoted an article titled ‘The Value of a Hooters Girl’, which had this sentence:

we shouldn’t confront the pornographic culture as head-wagging moralists, but as broken-hearted evangelists.

Tell me that isn’t true, it absolutely is.

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Godverbs. A different kind of action;)

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ Into A Godverb Groove”

  1. Why confront at all? If you want it to end, deal with the demand side. Show people that one has a happier, healther, better life without it–if that is indeed the case. As long as people are willing to pay, someone will provide it.

  2. m’kay. First, Paula, the post both here and there weren’t primarily about pornographic culture, per se. It was about Christian response. The Christian has a different moral demand upon their actions than the non-Christian. We know we have to confront it in some way, but the matter is not always clear what is most in likeness to God’s way.

    But your comment brought up something else: “deal with the demand side”. I think that if this would only work like common economics are supposed to we’d all be in some sort of heaven.
    What is this demand side? What if it can’t be controlled or isn’t responsive to appeals of something better? Or what if there are differences of opinion on what happy is?

    And that is the reality, isn’t it? People are willing to pay for lots of things…including other people; does that make it alright?

    But that isn’t what was topic. What was topic is What a Christian response should be.

    I go with broken-hearted evangelist. I get sick to death of head-wagging moralists. On lots of subjects….

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