Getting My Groove Back

I updated my Garden Journal, finally. Whole new look and some posts. Wowie. I posted the first rendition of my Brazil escapades on the personal blog, Woman To Woman. So , if you have some lazy summer afternoon and just want to nose around in my personal life, etc…. feel free. Sometime this month I hope to organize the garden blog to identify the pages with specific gardeing tips, etc. Then that page will become well worth visiting. Not just a pretty face, heh. 😉 Speaking of the pretty face, though – I worked on making the graphics and playing with the color scheme, that was fun… if you enjoy obsessive tweaking, which I do. I love to obsess and compulse. The hosts bandwidth probably doesn’t like it…. but it is less often than it used to be.

Mañana, mañana. That’s how I tend to live, but eventually Mañana comes due, doesn’t it? Seems like it comes with a vengence sometimes.
I inherited this unfortunate habit from my dad: procrastinate until well past the limit that you should and then work in a frenzy until you have exhausted all known resources of health and wealth. Well, the wealth part is my addition- he was more of a miser that carefully watched over the money resource. He thought money meant control. And it does most of the time, but it bites at the end. Hey, don’t take my word for it, just look around, plenty of examples of that little truth. But the whole system really is inferior. It is so much better to build a consistant effort and a maintenance system. Soooo much better. Also- it will offset that other unfortunate inheritance: depression. One of the best ways to circumvent depression is to learn to make a little progress each day. The baby step thing is more than a What About Bob? joke.

Which by the way, is one of my favorite movies of all time. I prefer to see videos at home- I’ve come to hate the theater experience. Sorry. Yet, my family disagrees, and I really don’t want to stay home out of stubborness when they go to see the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. You know I love Johnny Depp, right? I think my whole family especially loves this Jack Sparrow character he has created… and join the crowd on that one. What About Bob?

Normally, this sort of meandering goes into the other blog- but chalk it up as my own version of a trailer….. and you thought my ego knew bounds? It knows no bounds…. and my drop in links just feeds the fire. “They love me if they just knew me better…if my personality just shone through clearer”. Oh the delusions of men.

I have been watching those TV shows, how did you guess? But if you want to know more…. that will turn up on the other blog, not here. What do I think of the ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ and the Rock star wannabe’s of Supernova? Say, did you see that South African Chick? Did she not rock? Not here, not now…. and besides I’m wondering… what is it about pirates that we love? Are they evil clowns with less of the unpleasant surprise? They are fascinating history… but really who wants to come face to face with a real pirate? so cute

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  1. I’m gonna join the meandering thoughts too…I love gardens and houseplants! (A nice by product of keeping aquariums is lots of free liquid fertilizer for the plants. 😉 ) I rarely go to the theater wither. It just doesn’t pull me like it used to. Could be because I don’t have a steady date, but whatever. DVD’s rule ’cause I can throw thigns at anybody who talks without fear of a fight starting! Lol!

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