Getting Things Right

I don’t have the disposition to go into anything in this post, but to just put a question out there. I read – superficially- over a few scholarly type blogs dealing with religious things.

I am starting to wonder whether true Christianity can be tied down with the restraints of intellectual analyses and rules of logic. The question is not whether one can use those things in understanding truths of the scriptures or working out ones faith, but whether the core, the essence of what Christian Faith is can be tied with our intellectual restraints.

Or whether that tend to lead to some sort of religiousity altogether different.

Thinking this way is new ground to me; I think, unwittingly, I have been in the camp of those who disgustedly throw out the naivete of those who know they believe, but can’t say why.

As if my verbalization made my faith more real, or more…. something. Better, somehow.

Instead when I read through some of the discussions, there is a diminishment somehow. Not that there has to be, just that often it works out that way.

And I wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with how we structure intellectual activities and relationship faith. My mind is thinking …”the cart before the horse” sort of maxim.

I believe what I would like to look into…should I get some time , the idea that true Christianity, that is the reality of it, is a vitality. Vitality is not anti-intellectual, but it is a doing,being, … more than an abstraction.

No comment or criticisms yet, just this sort of unformed thinking… this little glob of silly putty in my mind.