Getting To Know You/From the Past

Due to looking @ the web archive I thought you all might like to see one of my early posts here on The topic was the war in Iraq, and at the time I would not have imagined we would still be mired as deeply as we presently are in 2007. Yet, I still have the same opinion that I record here.

Taking the time to rebuild some of my old posts, although I have transferred some temporarily to another blog. After everything is comfortable for me here I plan to delete some of the other blogs I experimented with.

I know that lots of people hate changing to something new on the computer because of the learning curve, but I really don’t think it is something to fear if you get something quantifiably better. But I guess no one likes to feel dumb while changing gears. And new programs have the ability to do that. It is like the computer is shouting back “Stupid!” to you everytime you have to scramble around getting things right.

I can’t concentrate on posting opinions on things that matter to me til I get this other stuff right. The visuals do matter. Although it gives me time to sort a few things out. There are some very not right things going on in the Iraqi situation, but it takes some real thinking to get to the reasons and insights into that. Those who are against intervention will wrest events and rhetoric into battering rams to stop people from really deliberating on the situation and the needed solutions.

I have to ask myself what the motivations for that would be. Besides those against all forms of war. They have a consistent basic opinion. But what about the others? What are their motivations for attacking the policies? Do they simply want to see adjustments? Do they have political alignments that benefit from their criticism? Are they dupes? Are they enemies? Or do they have genuine insights to consider on what is wrong?
It seems very cloudy still. That has been a difficulty in the Iraqi situation for a long time: the inability to see the issues clearly. Although, clearly, we are moving forward with an untenable policy of answering every bleating crisis area of the world. I think…. I think as I say that, I can intuit some of the problem.
It is like the Bible verse says: a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways.

We have become a doubleminded nation.
We say we want to see freedom and democracy in other nations. We say we want to see humanitarianism. We say we want to see a more peaceful and prosperous world.
Then we say we don’t want to pay a price and we don’t expect the nations, themselves, to pay a price for change, for the thinking that engenders freedoms, for sacrifices of standing against oppressors, for supporting those things which maintain the dignity of the individuality of a person, and those things which lift up the suffering.

….but someone has to pay. and people have to make up their minds which they want most. and you can’t keep vacillating between two minds.

Not if you expect results that last. Or that mean anything. And this is the danger of a double mind…. in the end it never meant anything, it was all sound and fury. Sound and fury, how sad.

Macbeth, Wm. Shakespeare

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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