Giving Thanks

Approaching the Thanksgiving season , when giving thanks is official… I was reminded that I have overlooked the Thankful Thursdays.

It is time to renew the habit of grateful meditation.

Today I am thankful for many of the physical sensations that life holds: warm rays of sunshine, changes of season, a hot tub and bath salts, the real maple sugar I was able to find… and consume- each melting bite bringing back memories ( it was that long since I had real pure maple sugar).

I am thankful for the joys of the soul: beautiful art museums, serene churches filled with stained glass windows, boxes of paints and pencils, sketch pads and fine papers. Music and instruments, children enjoying their games together, choosing the color paint I want for the next room project.

I am thankful for my health, and that I have a plethora of supplements, and that they are helping. That I have all the food I could possibly want from the health food store- even if my children request ” real cereal, Mom- not your health food stuff”. That I can taste and revel in the various flavored olive oils, the marvelous brushetta, the nutty crunchy breads.

That I am loved. That I may love in return. That I can hear inspiring sermons any time I choose and read all the knowledge that my head can possibly desire and concentrate upon. That I am surrounded by freedom and security and decent people. That I can vote. And speak my mind.

I am overwhelmed by how much good I daily enjoy…daily take for granted… and how much hope my soul is given.

Thank You, God.

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