[Before I had all that computer schizoidal combobulation I was going to post on the GodBlogCon and the people who attended. Here is what I started with- when I have time to do some further reading I might remember my place and comment a bit.]

I really liked this thought:djchuang.com

Fear. Worry about who would read their blogs. Worry about the sustainable business model. Worry about misunderstanding and inaccuracies. Worry about limitation of virtual communication, and fear over the online world replacing church or face-to-face relationships. Worry and concern have been expressed by those who are connected to organizations and institutions, by theologians and philosophers, about the responsibility we have for communicating, and that what we blog (write) may not be appropriate for all people at all times. I’d prefer that the pundits would (also) talk about the responsibility of the reader to filter and to discern instead. Let’s move away from fear and towards faith.

My (short) answer: blog in faith, that the Spirit will move in the hearts and minds of readers, and we as the Christian blogger can write as the Spirit moves and enables us. The point here is to write, and not to hold back. I think it is okay to show our doubts, write and reveal our thoughts and feelings and struggles, even those things we’re still processing, because that’s what it is to be human. To not have the answer, or the perfect answer, or the right answer, is okay.

as opposed to John Mark’s thought on who should not blog.