God’s Handicaps

God handicapped is still greater than anyone else’s full strength.

I said I would write a little about that conversation I had with a fellow Christian. We were discussing the viewpoints of said Uncle from a couple posts back. And I was remarking how hard it is for people to get their heads around the idea that God makes Himself limited, weak- whatever term you use-, in order to include us in His plan, not as pawns, but as instruments. Using our wills, our intelligence, our being -with all that it entails, to accomplish His plan.

And the picture that came to me was that I now understood that portion of Revelation where the saints are casting their crowns before the throne. God had crowned them with crowns, symbols of their place in His Kingdom, but they kept saying ” these don’t belong to us…. it was all you, Lord, your plan, your power, your answers, your grace, your mercy…”et al, etc. But here is the thing: the crowns kept getting replaced on their heads.

Now why do you think that is? Because they had their part that they played. Because they cooperated with the design of God for a wonderful new creation. And He said they were worthy. Is that not amazing? Is it not amazing that God who doesn’t need us, yet wants us? And that He continually limited Himself that we might have the great fulfillment and joy of working with Him for good? That we would have real ability and power to accomplish good?

Is that not amazing?

to go on…..

“….to walk humbly with God. To say that we do not know the will of God is a lie.”

To walk humbly with God….

I have been doing a little thinking about that lately. And one of the things I am fairly convinced of is that this matter of humility has a great deal to do with the constant checking in with God to make sure we are doing things according to His will. Counting that His will is important; and understanding that we need to check with Him. Not presumptuous that because we felt we knew what He wanted last week, it is still what we should do this week.

Continuing relationship. Abiding in the vine. -along those lines. Walking humbly is to not have better things to do than be with our God.

As if.