Ok. I’m calling this one on myself. I don’t usually have to insight to see this, but after I posted about how kids can be more than you think ( I said think more deeply)…. I find in the Queen of All Evil’s blog a post on a four year old driving to a store and back home.

I’m sorry. I don’t believe it. I think it is in Urban Legend realm. And then I thought of my post from this morning. Ouch.

It was in the news – so it is likely true…right? Right? Revisitng all those driving the car dreams of my youth…. you just have to wonder, don’t you?

Forgive me, friends, it is all in the juxtaposition. It is something like this that makes me question my…… seriousness. Well, that is the trouble with a blog like this and a writer like me. Being terribly serious and writing on the Big Things, but having to look at the ludicrous and that includes myself at times. Well, it just makes for one strange brew.