Guessing Gender

Have you ever tried to guess someones gender online… that is, without obvious clues? It is sometimes surprisingly easy and other times it isn’t.

You know the Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred blog that I cited about one post back, in the “Couch” post? I’m going out on a limb and saying I think that it is written by a woman.

Most blogs are a quick giveaway with their pics and subject matter, but some such as this one are …. a challenge. Some blogs , bloggers, and forum participants pique my interest just because it seems there is something there to figure out. I think I often approach people that way.

I suppose taken too far that could turn into a “whack job” sort of activity (as they say)…. but we(I) will keep it all fun and games and just sort of wonder out loud.

Although -fair warning- this was a subject for forum discussion at one time so I know lots of people have thoughts on it.

What clues you to the gender of someone only represented by their words and subject matter… or reading choices? How difficult is it to play another gender?
apart from our physical sexual makeup…. is there something else to gender? Something separate… or is it all intertwined so innately that we really can’t make heads or tails of it?

5 thoughts on “Guessing Gender”

  1. I am going to take a guess: female?

    Peer into my psychology:

    Reasons I can think of as to why I’m guessing female:

    -The overall feel of the design
    -Female picture on top
    -The heart
    -The first gender word I saw on your site was “woman”
    -“sand in your shoe”

  2. Ilona..Your post is interesting and in a way, perceptive. The blog is written in 3 voices- all different and all true to the progenitors of the various schools of psychoanalysis. If you read carefully, you can see that.

    As to gender, let me assure you, I (we) are all straight and very healthy men. I

    I would remark about our healthy libidos, but we’re not that close.

    I shall refrain from making couch jokes, tempting as it is.

    Really, really good post- Im going to follow up on it and link to you.

  3. Eric- I made it easy on this page, but in forums with a genderless moniker like ‘firefornow” I was taken for a male almost without exception. It got to the place where I had to correct misconceptions by outright stating that I was female. But, yes, this page gives it away.

    carl- I still have a sneaking suspicion that if there are three of you, one is female… and I am inclined to think there is one person, three voices and the person is female…probably with a healthy libido.

    I am either not perceptive enough or it is far less clear whether someone is straight or not- maybe because there tends to be points along a continuum between straight to gay- without actual participation in lifestyle. sometimes I wonder if the categories don’t sometimes hijack specific traits without those being real indicators. So I never try to guess this about a person- I let them identify what they want to identify.

    I am not sure whether it is easy to tell a transgendered person because it tells, or whether because they tend to be very open about it- I’d guess the latter. Only run across a few online.

    Or one more possible scenario with carl- maybe you are male, but your libido is so healthy that you tend to gravitate more towards females in general and are the type of guy that women find themselves opening up to… because they feel that “relate” factor. That is possible. In whatever case then you are not primarily a logical thinker-which tends to be taken as male ( but isn’t , exclusively).

    I appreciate the link-

  4. Pretty good- again on the right track, but all of us are male (none transgendered) and straight.

    The issues of ‘connecting’ are always done via a ‘mirroring’ technique, an acquired skill.

    Look for my piece tomorrow– this has been fun! I’ve gotten lots of email on the subject, but none as interesting as this.

  5. Straight-gotit. I really wasn’t suggesting otherwise…just my digression got away from me.

    Now that you are stressing it so much I am beginning to think you actually are male, but it is more likely that you want to emphasize a particular statement. You know yourself best, I was just guessing out loud.

    Glad you enjoyed this one.

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