Happy Birthday, America!

I love this country. Really. I know we have problems and ugly Americans and all of that… but this is a wonderful country. It has freedom like nowhere else on the planet, it has welcomed all sorts of people and beliefs, and while we have lost a lot of our civics sensibilities we still have a great deal left to work with, and there still is heart in this nation.

My son and his family traveled up from Georgia, buying an arsenal of fireworks on the way ( in Tennesee). We had our own display a couple days ago- since we are out in the country where people do that, and the weather was good. My dog was totally scared ( dogs absolutely hate fireworks explosions) so we finally penned him in the garage where he seemed to feel safer.

We grilled hamburgers and chicken and had spagetti salad, potato casserole, ice cream and strawberry dessert, cold drinks and potato chips and just lots of good stuff. We went to Innis Metro park gardens and then on another day visited the Columbus zoo. There are two wonderful displays of beautiful landscaping interest!

My pastor asked if I had finished the Giles book- yes, but I need to post a review of it… and now he is ready to lend me another book! I think I’ll take him up on the offer… it’s like having a personal buyer, only for books instead of wardrobe; what is easier than that?

My son commented that he visited my blogs and they looked dead. No, they are only sleeping. Blog-sleep: when you are on vacation and having visitors and somehow don’t think everyone will feel all loved and taken care of when you are spending large amounts of time on your computer;) yeh, I’m back to being a little rodent in the blogosphere. America needs me, you need me, or, actually, I need to talk…. to express myself on every conceivable topic…. it’s time to rev up the engine, hone the thought processes and blog again. That should be a song or something: “Back on the Blog Again”. “It’s Blog Time in The Old Town Tonight” “BlogBlogBlog…’Til her daddy takes the PC away”. HEY!

OKay… this is what I’m like when all rested and re-created, yeah baby. You know you want to add me to your rss reader, don’t you don’t you dooonnnn’t you!? I feel another song coming on…..

But then I will go all serious on you. Can you take it?

All right, enough of this meaningless drivel. Enjoy your Fourth of July. You will eat well, because you can. You will have free entertainment, because we have lots of talent and peace and freedom in our country. You have big cities, beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, deep forests, broad fields….. lots of places to see the blessings surrounding you. Smile, wave your flag, and think about what it takes to have such a good life and what it takes to preserve a free society. And sing some good ol’ American songs- like the Beach Boys stuff or something:)eagle1.gif

And, Canadienne Radmila has some links for us and an absolutely divine strawberry tart recipe, all ilustrated for serious cooking enthusiasts. Miss that at your own loss. But to make them truly American you just have to have a shot of whipped cream on top….

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!”

  1. if your pastor likes getting books for other people – I’m always ready to receive some (laughing well half laughing!)

  2. LOL! I think only as a lending library…. and in your case hard to do, but that gets me thinking, what is on your book wish-list?

  3. Mark, I am so glad you asked…now I will have another post to add to my paltrey ‘cooking’ category.

    I love you, bro’, you are the sauce on the entree around here 🙂 And that is how I like to cook. ( I know, I supply my own cheese)

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