Hard Things For Christians

It is a hard thing to face ones restrictions. It is hard to realize that one cannot force the will of someone else. That one may not require revenge. That one may not do what seems natural in righting wrongs.

It is a hard thing to rein oneself in. To wait for justice. To trust that truth will out in spite of circumstances that seem all to indicate otherwise.

It is a hard thing to love others. Truly love them. Love when wrong is done to you. Love unselfishly on a consistent basis. Answer kindly and patiently.

Go the second mile.

It is hard. But my belief is that it can become easier with use. I’ll let you know if I ever find that to be true.

But I have to ask myself one question:
Isn’t it harder to keep living selfishly and wrathfully and willfully….. in the long run?