Heads Up For The Holidays

This is to let y’all know that I will be blogging in very reduced amounts over the holidays. I haven’t gone away.

I am getting a little …. um…. not what I’d like to be for the season and I cannot work on that by spending time on the computer. I might blog about those matters in the more obscure blog I use for that purpose, if I feel the need. This blog requires too much effort at thinking things out and too much regret if I spill my guts without premeditation , so it will languish a bit.

I am starting to get a little depressed and overwhelmed, and I have to take on the responsibility for numerous people’s need for a good holiday. I want to perform that well, they need it and I will be happier for doing it. So less blogging.

That’s half the good of a holiday: the preparation.

Remind me…. I have a whole thing on how absolutely necessary preparation is in the Christian Life.