Hello Again

Well, back now… and throughly depleted.. and I see that no guest blogging was done. Ah well, I said do what was comfortable…. and we all took a break 😉

except me. Between the heat and traveling and my vehicle going kaput, I now have to recover….. not helping anything is the news that we lost our property rights- outright by fiat of the Supreme Court, instead of little bits in the lower courts. That was particularly bad news.

It will go the rounds in the blogs and impotent efforts at legislation will be made. But what will restore the lost rights?

Remember the religious rights? Most Americans even now don’t realize those are gone. Yes…gone. Like yesterday-it’s gone. People will understand that, once there is a powerful enough crisis or case which brings it to attention…until then, we get to live under our illusions, behind the veil of a past understanding .

This eminent domain matter, however, ( I will go out on a limb of prognostication) will heat up rather quickly, we will see an escalation of those able to take advantage of this. Developer thy name is Satan. And the municipal and county commisioners are your minions.

If anyone is going to produce changes in the way taxes are robbing people of their homes and security of life…. they better figure out something soon.

What is my solution? I think Americans are going to have to be more like immigrants. We will have to work more closely as families to survive and not abide by the American Dream of Every Man For Himself in making his success.

That is what I think. Too bad for moms and dads who pour everything into themselves and their own goals in the old style. Community will need a whole new meaning. Woe unto those Christians who have patterned after the world. Eventually it will all catch up to you, and ain’t nobody gonna feel any sorrow or concern for your sorry excuse of a Salt Pillar.

Okay. Mark this down in your mind and refer back in the next decade or so.

====taking on the subject of homebirth===
I may cross post what I write on homebirth @ Woman to Woman since I am getting used to the wordpress format, now. It is the more laid back blog, taking over from the Spiced tea that I did on Blogger. The name comes from the fact that my online work has always had that basic theme.

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