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If you don’t have “Crossing the Rubicon2” on your blogroll, you should. Someone with heart and soul- and just plain guaranteed to jog your thinking. This time she has some things to say about the new Freedom Tower slated for ground zero, and takes the NYTimes to task.

Crossing the Rubicon2: An Inappropriate Application of Politics

>>The Freedom Tower embodies, in its way, a world shaped by fear.
“And if they didn’t think this before, they certainly will after reading your negative view, sir, instead of admiring the US for rebuilding and coming up with ways to overcome the obstacle of terrorism. ”

>> But ground zero is not really being shaped by architects; it is being shaped by politicians.
“No, it has been shaped by reality. The reality of terrorism. Can you have seen what happened in NY and feel that precautions should not be taken? What kind of idiot would you be to go up in a replacement building for the WTC that did not have security built into it? What is wrong with you that you would try to plant a political read on this situation?

This does not symbolize fear to me. This symbolizes the belief that we can overcome any obstacle. When you are knocked down, you stand back up, determined to be stronger than before”

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  1. Goodness, thanks, Ilona. I really admire your site too. I enjoy your spiritualism and deep way of thinking.

  2. I appreciate the praise-as it’s coming from you… I have to tell you I was tempted to put links to many of your posts… I just hope that ppl follow your site’s link and explore. You offer so much of interest and insight.

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