Hints For The Heat

We’ve gone right into midsummer heat here in Ohio. Let me put it this way… it is not a dry heat. And Midwesterners make it worse because like Mad Dogs and Englishmen, they don’t have the sense to stay on the porch lolling their tongues.

Nope, Midwesterners like to beat the heat headon -preferably doing yard work or some such nonsense. And we are tough, no ninny air conditioning for us until it is well into the nineties.

I’m exaggerating on that one, only frugal Yankees like me think like that… the rest of the Midwesterners do like their air conditioning…
But since it is so hot so quick this season, I thought I would pass along some online advice to my fellow non-acclimatized Ohioans, etc. and maybe I will tell more of the world about a columnist here ( great writer by the way) who acclimatizes yearly by sitting naked on a log. But he does that for winter… I don’t know of anyone who acclimatizes especially for the heat. Although that is sounding like one good idea right now.

Here’s yer hints, and a new category that I plan to add to soon;)

but hopefully without typos…yikes.