Holiday Complaint

I am sorry, this is a bah humbug.

Does every family have difficulties on holidays? Why can’t we just get along? Make efforts for each other -just for the sake of everyone having something memorable and positive for the rest f the year?

Why not? Is it really so hard?

I feel like I bend over backwards at holidays.. and then it gets to the place where I am asked more and more until I cannot bend anymore without a major break…. and then feel sad and guilty about that.

I know I can’t make everything good for everyone, but with a little effort we could have something of family that is beacon-like for the year. Something positive to say,” this is a good time – these are the people I love”.

But no. I have so many family people that just have to go berserk on the holidays. It bugs me. Actually they just go passive aggressive in their little corners and it ends up being me that goes berserk.

This isn’t right. And I don’t help it, because I could be alright if I could just ignore their actions and not care. I usually do recover just in time for Christmas, but I would like it to be less suspenseful, if you know what I mean.

Other than that most of it is normal to good. But I can’t seem to shake the sadness from all the ( in my mind) avoidable unpleasantness.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Complaint”

  1. Just sitting down at the computer after a good cry about Christmas and family etc etc…thanks for your post! [sigh]

  2. I had a bit of a cry and feel better now, too. And things on the whole are positive…. I just want to hold things together for those of us who want something positive- experience has shown me that eventually it draws in many who previously were too disinterested for the efforts of this little red hen. Know that story?

    I’ve got a story this year about how things work out for the best … in time…. that I am posting on the garden journal….

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