Homeschooling, The Salvation of Civilization?

Right Reason comes up with another post of very worthwhile reading- even if you don’t think highly of homeschooling, this will help you understand where the movement came from and perhaps what its focus will yet become.

Right Reason: The Homeschool Torch

for quotation collectors it ends:

“Thy praise or dispraise is to me alike,
“One doth not stroke me, nor the other strike.” -Ben Jonson

2 thoughts on “Homeschooling, The Salvation of Civilization?”

  1. I’m going to homeschool for the first time next year. It’s a cyber charter school thing, so not everyone feels that qualifies as homeschooling. But even if it doesn’t save civilization as a whole, I think it will solve a few problems our family is having! 🙂

  2. You know what one of the most important things about this is? That you are going to be proactive in your child’s education, and that will be a boon no matter how, or how long, you decide to homeschool.

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