Husband and Wife Blogging

trueagainI mentioned awhile back that my husband would join me on the old house blog. Well, we are slow and just mosey along in our posting there, but the experiment has turned out surprisingly well for us personally. I am not sure whether it is the mutual interest, or the cordiality that blogging confers in this way of communicating…or just the fact that it adds value to the communication process to read each others posts and comments, but we’ve enjoyed it so far.

Admittedly it is a little strange to see each other and then be communicating on the blog- “Hey I read your post and commented”, but it is kind of fun. Right now there aren’t too many more than us who know and read it, but that doesn’t diminish it a bit for us! There is something new in blogging,eh? Although that might be largely because I obsess more over my other blogs and my husband hasn’t gotten to the recognition of the numbers part of it yet. He is still enamored with getting a comment. Remember those days, veteran bloggers?

Well, Handyman hasn’t been able to post much of late due mainly to actually being busy doing the handyman thing. I don’t complain since I see it as good either way- either he’s is pushing to get the projects done or he is writing on the blog, which I like because I want to encourage him to write again- he really has a gift if he would just exercise it more. And he enjoys writing. I like reading and thinking more than the writing , and as you know, I’m a rather mediocre writer- I get all obscure and convoluted except when really concentrating on the output…which takes tedious and obsessive editing and rewrites on my part.

But the whole enterprise of team blogging together is turning out to be good for our marriage. We are very opposite in lots of ways and have had some real rough patches in the relationship so to have stumbled upon this is serendipitous. It also helps that we are very laid back about the d-i-yourself blog, I suppose if one of us would get all invested in making it show better numbers of visitors or whatever that would likely drain a lot of the fun out. But who know? Where it will go, or how long it will last, but we’ve enjoyed it and benefited.