I Am Pulled Away

I like to play with thoughts, debates, and abstracts. That is fun for me, it is fun with a meaningful edge.

But real life, my own and that of others pulls at me, it tugs at my heart and weighs me with words I don’t really want to speak, because to speak them one must be ready to fully engage.

And maybe I don’t want to do that. Maybe it means I must set aside the personal resevoirs I use to be functional in what is sometimes a very demanding personal life for the sake of dealing with things…that honestly…. I wonder I have any business dealing with.

Why this piece of my heart upon this page today?

I was only going to take a few blog roadtrips this morning. I started with Tulip Girl which led me to Amy.

Amy, who pours out a part of herself that is not common..but not uncommon either… in her experience with postpartum depression. I want to discuss it, but I don’t want to. It is her true personal experience and not one that I cannot identify with …just one that has an intensity that most of us are not called upon to endure.

I am amazed at the resilience of the human spirit… at Amy’s spirit.

I am left sighing. I do have some sparse things to say… I will say them, I think, but for now- should you want to look through the portal of one woman’s struggle with depression, Amy has three posts on sharing something painfully personal. Honestly unvarnished writing.