I Apologize Again

I do. I have to do that alot lately, not that I’m wrong, but sometimes…just too -I don’t know- zealous or something. I’m sorry I sniped at those of you going on with things that are important to you. You aren’t wrong, you’re not…. I just get overwhelmed by the sadness of events sometimes.

You are my balance, and I am sorry I rail at you…. all of you that I railed at lately.

Why? I read something funny today, and it lightened my heart and thought better of my complaints and criticisms; and I realized that again I owe you all an apology, even if I had a point worth making, it wasn’t as firm a point as I might have felt.

But my heart is still with those struggling in Great Britain, and my hope is they heal and that we all help each other. In what ever way we can….

5 thoughts on “I Apologize Again”

  1. You weren’t at all mean to me, but I’ll accept your apology and save it in case you do snap at me in the future. 😉

    We all have our bad days and in light of recent events it’s certainly understandable to some extent.

  2. That does reassure me, Arethusa, thanks;)

    I find the events troubling.

  3. I posted a disclaimer at the bottom of one of my posts. I understand your sentiments, and there’s no need to explain them at all. My own feeling is that living life as we normally do is what drives a stake through the heart of these terrorists. Their desire is to turn us into an apathetic nation, and to go on with ‘business as usual’ sends a message thet theyhave not defeated us.

    My two cents, for what it’s worth. 🙂

  4. It seems like the Lord gives us turns at being burdened by world events. I’m convinced it’s for intercessory purposes. Although, I too am saddened by what happened in London, I don’t feel the burden like I had for the Terri Schiavo thing. At that time I felt like my blog, may life, had been completely hijacked (that may be the totally wrong word to use these days) by the Lord for the purpose of speaking out and praying about the issue. It drove me nuts that few of my friends were reacting as strongly. But as soon as it was over (well, when she died – the issue is far from over), the burden lifted. I still pray about it and about the terrorists thing, but I don’t feel the intensity that I did before. I am seeing with blogs that it may be like that for some. Some blogs are specifically world events/politics focused. Lots of them (like mine) are just for fun/personal reasons. But as people of Christ, I wouldn’t be surprised if every now and then, He takes over our blogs for intense focuses every now and then. We are always to speak the truth and be lights in the world, but I think at times He may ask, “Hey, can I borrow your blog and get loud and deep about this for a while?” And I think He spreads the burden, cause if we all took on every issue with the same intensity every time, we would burn out real fast. It ebbs and flows in perfect orchestration from His heart. Now this issue seems to be your time?

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