I beg to differ

BBC NEWS | Programmes | From Our Own Correspondent | Katrina prompts charity not change

Americans are cross with the government and disappointed with the response from Washington, but they have not sat on their hands and waited for the government to sort itself out. Much the opposite.

Americans have given with unbridled enthusiasm and generosity.

Is that not something governments do?

Americans do not think so and never will.

This is unquestionably a source of strength and spine in troubled times, but boy does it put a dampener on revolution.

Charity ameliorates it, softens blows, pours oil on troubled waters. It does not lead to social change.

I refute that.
The type of charity that is described does indeed lead to social change. To the only lasting and important social change that you will ever hope for: the brotherhood of man…. and that is something that ‘Big Brother’ government will never contrive to construct .

And I have to ask myself, “Just what sort of revolution is this British writer hoping for? hmmm?”

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