I Didn’t Want To Know That

Obviously I am on the computer for a little bit today, so after the other things I was doing I surfed for a short while. I don’t know why. But now I don’t think I am happy for that decision. Not that I have been good at decision making the last two days…in overload mode.

Anyway, the one blog started out innocuously enough… talking about decorating for Christmas and all that…. but then ended up telling the world that the body was breaking out in itchy pustules. I did not want to know that…. I will never want to know that. Then the next blog started right in with describing an attack of the shingles. NO NO NONNONONONO. no. I don’t want that much reality this morning. I have to go out and face more shopping. I need to be inebriated with holiday spirit.

But I fight it with quiet. That is right… no radio, nothin’. I choose quiet almost without exception. EXCEPT… maybe not. An older son asked me if I heard the little kids arguing this morning. No, I missed that… I must be tuning out. Still recovering from the accidental 911 call a ‘little’ made on a defunct cell phone.

Warning-never let anyone give a kid a defunct cell phone- it can still call 911. And why? Because the phone said to call 911. Well, we know that the cell phone simply said it was calling … not to call. Four recorded times. Amelia Bedelia has struck again. If you don’t get that, it’s ok. But it is a bit of a shock to have the sheriff show up at the door.

He knew the house— the older kid had called a few years ago when enamored of the police. Why? I don’t know why. So I ingrained. Utterly ingrained on the last kid: do you understand when and why and why not to 911? does every one get it now? So that we will not go through this again in a couple years.

And today I need to go out shopping again. When my brain is starting out all wired and zapped and whizzled. Scary prospect that people like me are out and about. ZZZpppttthhhht…hey remember Bill the Cat? Now there is my cartoon motif. c’est moi. Oops, there is that French again.