I Have Drama Queen Genes

I took a trip to my passions – from Praties Place I went to look for Transylvanian music CD’s @ Amazon. This is the music of my ancestors- on my Mom’s side. There is something very basic about music and when you listen to the music of a culture it can do something to you. Sorry for the vagueness, but I don’t know quite what it is. Like when I visited Hungary- I found a correlation to a part of myself that has always been out of sync with the Anglo-Saxon Germanic inflected culture of Ohio. I get too wild and high-flying. My idealism soars far beyond what is acceptable in this part of the American Pie.

The Hungarian drama in me wants to let go…. but I have learned to restrain it and retrain it. It doesn’t fly in this part of Ohio- except when it lets loose for short periods and entertains friends. Ha! but that is short-lived.

Anyway…. there was something about the music, and thinking of how funny my Mom is when she hears that Magyar violin and cymbolin. Almost cartoonish. And that is what Hungarians are in the dry Midwest, we are a bit cartoonish.

But of course, that is only half the story, you should see me at a Celtic concert. OMG.
Then you could get me to tell you the parallels between the Magyars and the Highlanders. Oh yeah, I have theories on that.

Ok. Entertainment over. But want to listen to clips?
Humming Forests
Best of Márta Sebestyén

2 thoughts on “I Have Drama Queen Genes”

  1. What an interesting entry! You’re really Transylvanian? Have you read the books The Singing TRee and the Good Master? They are children’s novels (Newberry Award Winners) set in Hungary before and during WWI.

    Folk music of different cultures really is very emotional and evocative, isn’t it? The folk music of our land is, also, but you have to go pretty far back.

    Thanks for your deep blog. I love it!

  2. Samantha, hi! My grandfather’s people were from Transylvania, but the way it is referred to is Hungary- as in all land that ever was Hungarian is Hungary. very touchy subject….(*whispering* not with me, but with many Hungarians-shhhh)

    I had never come across those, will look in the library for them 🙂

    About music- yes, it really does have power with us, and maybe folk music especially since it rises up from roots that we’ve lost touch with. ??? I don’t know .
    I am so glad you visit here:)

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