I Hope My Prayers Are Answered

because this is what I believe is the real answer to our world. Everyday I pass hooded Muslim women in my community and I pray for a way to get the gospel to them in the harmless way of Jesus. Atlas Shrugs had this link and I saw this little section:To The Point – Join To The Point

he’ll tell you about the plans the Chinese Underground Church Movement has to send 100,000 Chinese Christian missionaries to the Middle East to convert Moslem Arabs to Christianity.

I pray God pours his laborers into Islamic countries, and I pray for myself and others to be both wise and bold to know how to reach the Muslims within our Western countries. Our prayers added to those of centuries past. For us to burn with passion for these souls.

Thank God for brave missionary souls! Thank God for the gospel message of peace and hope! There is an answer.There is an answer.

May God make them hungry and open their hearts.

[ I know this is not PC, I know that there are those who find this deeply distasteful. But we do not exist in a vacuum, and our minds scan the horizon for meaning and something to anchor our faith in….. I have never apologized for my faith and its answer. I do want to recognize that there are those who have difficulty with this expression on my site. We could discuss your discomfort if you wish]
As I read through this site, I have to say that this man Dr. Jack Wheeler has unique ideas on things. I don’t quite know what to make of some of them. How about this one, “All forms of leftism and liberalism are based on an atavistic belief in Black Magic. All are based on the primitive fear of the envious Evil Eye.”. That is quite a novel way to look at it. It may be true for some in some aspects of it, but in my own experience, no. It could have some roots in the characteristic we often find in the West of a type of unworthiness and humility that is somewhat servile to the group.

Well. Interesting anyway. The internet never fails to serve up the most unusual things to consider.

…..just when you think you’ve seen it all….