I knew I Shouldn’t

I should not have visited those passionately written, wrenchingly illustrated blogs. It threatens to make a fanatic out of me, and that is something I really don’t want. I don’t want it because it is the out of control emotions that the tragedies, or as one blogger insisted they be called-atrocities-, inspire that create hasty reactions and ill-timed responses.

I am for coldly calculated reasoned and determined response. Regardless of the occilating opinions and tear-blinded cries that lend themselves so well to propaganda.

Because if we don’t make real efforts to see clearly and advance in a manner which keeps the true enemies in the sights we are going to have mistakes that we will rue for a long time.

Peoples emotions are more easily stirred and mob thinking is more difficult to restrain than one might imagine. And there are times you fight fire with fire, but there are times you fight it with other means.

I hate what I see being perpetrated by Muslims. Both now, and in history. But I would hate, as much, to see Muslim people branded and persecuted due to these events. I would hate to see more of them goaded into siding with actions they, given chance and reason, would reject.

I am no appeaser. I will not be moved towards emotionally inflamed stance that is fueled by the sheer madness that evil actions can inspire, either.

It is an election year, and the feelings on both sides are measurably more heated, perhaps because of the effects of terrorist activities since 911, but the issues of our day require us to move ahead with clarity and decision.

We do live in serious times. But I do not believe they are desperate times, and I don’t think they need to be.


I do have one thing to say, that I will not retreat from…. as more of the grisly details of the Breslen horror is revealed. And it is this: I believe it is a Christian duty to respond with aggressive evangelism of our world. If we truly believe that the truth of Jesus Christ brings healing, peace, and the most humanitarian of ideals, then we should be both bold and tireless in sharing the gospel.

I think we should target Muslim cultures and communities. With forethought and focus.

I don’t care if there are those who do not agree with me on this. There are so few answers, that if you are a Christian you should give serious and applied thought to where you stand on evangelism and Christ’s command to go into all the world. The Islamic fundamentalists are creating a break into the Muslim world with their unmitigated cruelty and terror. I think we are fools to not take advantage of the opportunity to pour in the oil and the wine.

It is our chance to give instead of exploit.

Petroleum is not the oil that this world needs no matter what the headlines tell you.

It won’t restore the raped women or the blasted childhoods. It won’t buy off the revenge of men.

But there is one fountain, there is a balm. And -My GOD! What are we waiting for?