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the evangelical outpost: Royal Rumble in Godblogdom

Do you keep your heads covered when you write your blog posts? Also, if you read something on a theoblog do you have to ask your husbands to explain it for you? (I know the church rules don’t apply to blogging. But still…)

I had fun reading it through and felt like I was getting an insiders view on the Godblogs; tongue in cheek, it did catch the flavor of each one mentioned. Maybe posts like that are needed more- they seem to connect us all together in more of a camraderie; something oftentimes lost in the translation as we dig into issues or hammer out something in the theology.

Others have already fed Joe’s hopes for linkage, but why not one more? “getting fat the link rich site traffic. In the words of that late great sage-poet Tupac Shakur, I “Got to Get Mine.”

but really… I had been meaning to write my explanations, or should I say manifesto, for why this study of gender scriptures is gaining importance in my own mind, at least. Christians may joke amongst themselves on such topics as head coverings, etc. but aside from those sisters and brothers who take those things seriously, there are reasons that these issues are important for everyone.

What would be the biggest reason to figure out the importance of just what means we should use in expressing proper relationship? How about the idea of running the race without disqualification? Don’t we all (Christians, that is) just want to do things “God’s Way”? I know I do. And there is just a bit of the smell of hypocrisy around the whole topic of how we approach some of these scriptures. I don’t want to say I believe in a theology where I just wink my eye when a more difficult part of the scriptures comes up. I’d rather bite the bullet and submit to whomever the scriptures referred to…or even wear a head covering if I was convinced that this is what is required.
So for the record, I don’t wear a head covering- except when walking in the woods during tick season, or sitting on a hot beach and trying to preserve that expensive hair coloring I invested in. But at one time in my Christian walk I did …wear a head covering… for the reason that the scriptures said it, and I took it literally. But without conviction, the oddity within the culture made it seem silly. For me, with my convictions on grace and freedom, it was silly.

Second question: actually my husband usually asks me…. but that is whole ‘nother story since I think husbands should ask pastors or strong spiritual male peers. I think men basically respect the opinion of a man more than they do a woman’s. ( Hey -sorry- I just report it as I see it).

My husband and I do discuss things, religious, political, and mundane. Because that is what married people do. But I don’t like being put in the position of mother/teacher with the man I partner with… I guess that position is already well-filled in my life. I could appreciate the adult man I married out there bringing in the additional counsel so that we can both benefit from others wisdom and experience. I appreciate the wise counsel of other Christians. I want my husband to bring his own wisdom to the table; actually, I need that just as he needs mine. ( which is always available 😉


Guess I added to the potentiality of the rumble…

I thought the idea of Joe’s post was great. Do we argue about head coverings, now? Or are hierarchal vs. egalitarian, and the connection between scriptural ideas on women and those on slavery, and views of the Trinity- enough for for the time being?

…speaking of head coverings: my children saw men ( this happened to be the pope … but there are also the similar yarmulkes) and asked “why do they wear those?” And you know, I didn’t know. How does that stack up with Paul’s “Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head.”(1 Corinthians 11:4) ?

Anyone have ideas, views or exegesis on that?
…since Joe brought up the topic….

if this is too much trouble or too much ilona-lite for you: never mind!

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