I Was Going To…

comment on that NYTimes article awhile back on mommy-blogging, but got seriously ( literally) waylaid. Which is a good thing! Because in trying to find a way to link without coming up with that gratuitous demand to subscribe just to read a simple article, I came upon this: there’s a comical parental anecdote embedded in there somewhere, and he says everything so much better.

There’s such a push to solidfy into “real” journalists, when some of us just want to communicate. I think Mommy-blogging is great, simply for the reasons Daddy Zine states. Our society has fractured along fault lines that are particularly hard on parents. Sometimes you just want to talk diapers, funny anecdotes and whine a little. You used to have neighborhood friends and other sorts to do that with. You used to have older caring moms who would give you all that well-meaning advice marbled with old wives tales. You used to have someone to laugh and cry with. That is mostly over, and it seems just sort of strange to have a support group for something as healthy and normal as being a Mother, or a Father. Not to fear, though. Humans, being the creative lot that they are, have come up with blogging. Not for everyone, but it serves to provide a niche.

Public sharing of a common experience. Read Daddy Zine, feel affirmed, and blog on Mommies and Daddies.

Some people won’t like my tone- but why not lighten up a bit.? the isolation that many young mothers feel is not something that is going to be quickly addressed, if at all in this generation. Got lemons? figure out what to do…..

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  1. You’re right, but then you know that!

    I feel a particularly convoluted thought coming on….

  2. yeah, I do that to people:)
    Thanks for leaving your mark….. Your wonderful example of a daddy is inspiring, btw. I still think about your post on that topic.

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