If Wishes Were Horses…

After dealing with some of the homosexuality controversy, and other things (there are always “other things’), I am in a wishful mode. I wish all the problems would just go away. We are all like that to some degree. But problems make their appearance for a reason, usually because of something that either should be done and isn’t or vice versa. So resolutions, solutions, and confrontation result.

I was reading over @ TulipGirl this morning. She has some blogs on some of those things that I’d rather would just go away, but obviously will not. One is the abortion issue. There is a link to the “Cemetery of Choice, which keeps a record of those women who have died as a result of abortion.” There’s something you won’t come across in your WHO stats.

She also links to the ex-ati guy with this quote:

“It really doesn’t matter tha[t] your spirits were crushed attempting to conform to a man-made system of spirituality,” said one Gothard supporter, “or that your perspective of God suffered nearly-irreversible damage. What’s important is that you break free from the chains of bitterness in your lives. I have an excellent diagram about that.”

and her own “It’s not simply a matter of “moving on. . .””

That’s true. But it is a matter of dealing with it properly so you can eventually move on. I think one of those most helpful things that helped me deal with the disappointments one gets from such detours was a small tome written in play form. It is called “A Tale of three kings” by Gene Edwards. Worthwhile reading.

When we say -or hear- “just deal with it”, that is the voice of laziness and convenience that is often speaking. We don’t want to go through the hard work of compassion and love in helping someone out of the dark night of their soul. we are like ” go get a flashlight , or something”.

The cross of Christ ought to enlighten us to the fact that something more is needed. We always like to find some way around the cross, but it is there… straight ahead…. and we are brought back around to it eventually.

I will leave you with this for now. I just think we should ponder how it was that Jesus stepped into our problems. He stepped into the gauntlet set up by the Pharisees in the question of the adulterous women, He stepped into the social isolation of Zacchaeus, He stepped into the fading hope of the paralytic beside the pool of Bethesda, He stepped up to the cross.

I think some of us should watch our steps. Make them more like the Lord’s.