In honor of the dog days of summer

It’s been especially hot this past month, and normally it doesn’t heat up this way until August, but since we are in the midst of summer, and a dog life looks good from this vantage point, a little dog prose is in the offing. collie dogAs opposed to doggeral, of course. I came across a link to Albert Payson Terhune, probably best known for his book, Lad, a dog. It made me think about one of the things God seems to most want to get through this head of mine is how much I use past opinions of myself, and past experiences to keep me from moving ahead with faith and confidence. I go on old information too much of the time, which is something we are all prone to do. It is just that we get so comfortable with it that we no longer see it as a handicap…it is “Just the way I am” or “Ill never be any different” or “[voice in head] was right about me“.

But we can learn differently, if we try. We can renew our minds with the new information of God’s Word and His Spirit’s whisper.

It was all something I thought upon while reading an old essay about a man and his dogs.

If you have time today… why not revisit a simpler time with this man who loves dogs and observed some of lifes lessons from them? WITH A REVERSE ENGLISH by Albert Payson Terhune