In Search of Emerald City

I started out thinking about blogging, but ended up thinking about life. That is why we are all here, isn’t it though? To think about the big questions. It is the big questions that specific concerns raise, and then I have to write a post about it.

So I’m thinking about how I prefer to be the wizard behind the curtain, and not interested in being the Wicked Witch of the West… or even Good Glinda. Then my thoughts turned to how some people are interested in the Dorothy quest, while others are content with the trio of finding the potential of their attributes. They want to be smarter, kinder, or more courageous in some strange metaphysical way rather than finding their true selves, and finding themselves at home with themselves. Those selves capable of cultivating the characteristic attributes all along, if the effort is made.

I plainly want to influence people and events… someone who sticks with blogging, or homeschooling, or volunteer work… people who give themselves for a cause on some level are working to influence their world.

Lots of those types of occupations which consume large amounts of a persons time and energy are backed with such desire. Some for good, some for evil, but whatever… they are spending time making a dent, an impact. The Witches? (we are still talking about the wizard of Oz story, here) They want control and to be the center of the stage… so again, whether for seeming good or evil that is their focus.

We play out lots of roles and go on many quests in our lives. For some of us there is an overarching theme… such as the ones I see in the Wizard or the Dorothy, etc. Of course these are all simply within the Wizard of Oz story by Frank Baum. I was really fascinated more by Ozma of Oz… but that is neither here nor there.

But what do we want when we travel to Emerald City and what does that gleaming green gem of a castle on the hill represent to us? We want a life: a sparkling, meaningful, and dream-fulfilling life….. which is sometimes spent following a yellow brick road, but sometimes lost in the fields of poppies, and sometimes caught locked up the castle of control. Control not of our own, but which we fell into somehow,willingly or not.

How many of us know what we are truly searching for? and how many make the long journey when the answer was right within them all along?

Maybe I don’t want to be the Wizard after all. With curtains, and illusions, and playing the game of the dream’s manipulation, for whatever good intentions that might have.

And I am having suspicions about the legend of the Emerald City. Who is helping the travelers along the way… who is really behind the power of those magic ruby slippers, after all?

wizard of oz
Follow that Yellow Brick Road...

Read the Wizard of Oz
Ozma Of Oz
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  1. That’s a tough one. I suppose what I want to be is a brick on the Yellow Brick Road 😉

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