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I have two things I am thinking about adding into the blog. I suggested to my daughter that we could do a couple posts on her experience and my perspective/experience as the parent. She seemed interested, so it will appear if it materializes.
I do not want to tell my children’s stories for them…. and I am still not fully sure I want to do even this. I’ll see, but I’m thnking it over.

The other thing I’d like to do some posts on is the topic of home birth. If I have the concentration, I’ll do that soon.

Oh well. I am tired now- my little bout of insomnia has passed, and I am ready to try to go to sleep. Yesterday was a good day. I am trying to plan out my week with the expectation of wet weather ( no mowing that longish grass yet) very hot and humid conditions , and what feels like a cold or something . So far no real firm plan. I probably should tie up loose ends. Not worry about the garden…forget about buying flowers this year. We have jumped that shark;)

I will still probably buy a few anyway…just because I am like that.

I just haven’t had really tip top health this past year. Very inconvenient. I am trying to eat better and take the occasional supplements, although I must have a pharmacy worth. More sleep would probably help.

Definitely help…g’bye.

2 thoughts on “In The Works”

  1. ilona,

    Hi, I happened upon your site via reasons I’ll commit on your latest post about your previous posts. (does that make as much sense as I think it does?) That way, you’ll be sure to see it. I’ll get comments on posts a week old and I will completely miss them.

    I read several of you previous thoughts and can relate to a point. I have gone through about 6 months of questioning all my beliefs taught to me in church. Raised Baptist, I held on for dear life to “once saved always save.” Now, I just don’t know. In fact, I think that is my new mantra, “I just don’t know.” Where I use to get worked up over an issue, now I just sit and observe other points of view. I don’t even want to pretend I may have the answer.

    Well, my new mantra has caused me to abandon a very spiritual blog, one focused on studying scripture etc…, to one more vague and openended. Anyway, I wanted to tell you, your thoughts are well presented and I have enjoyed reading them. I think we all need a little encouragement now and then. None of us are in it alone or alone in our thoughts and understanding (or lack thereof, in my case).

    So at risk of typing some meaningless cliche, I’ll just say, keep the faith. There, I’ve done it again.

  2. posting like this is perfectly fine for me- but MT has the useful feature of showing the latest comments on the admin page.
    I’m not at all adverse to cliches 🙂 Encouragement is always welcome, but whatever your honest response is, is fine with me.

    I’ve worked through lots of these things especially since my thirties ( twenties were spent absorbing)- I generally know the things I know and holdfast on those, and put the other stuff either on the shelf or the table.
    One thing that you want to get hold of is the faithfulness of the Lord. That is one thing to not renogotiate in your thinking. Partly because it is beyond the capacity of thought to be able to objectively size up God.

    But the manner in which He expresses His faithfulness…. I have reconsidered that more than once.

    I very much appreciate your comment- feel free to jump in, and if it takes us onto new territory I sometimes make a new post based on the comments.
    Now I’m going to visit your site. ( favorite occupation:)

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