Intellectuelle -Now I feel Snarky too

I put time into a comment… I waited and posted…. I waited and posted…. I waited and posted…. and now you get your own post, because I just don’t want to waste all that time today… I’m putting it out there, because I’m just an obsessive kind of person, that’s why.

I have more than one blog because I kinda’ subscribe to the idea that people get into the mood to expect certain things from surfing to someone’s site. Not always fair, sometimes pressured, but there you are.

Anyway, for those interested, Intellectuelle is going through typical growing pains, and they are settling in on finding their voice.. we’ve been there, some of us are still there… and maybe some of us will always be there… but here is my little comment that I am not taking the time to try anymore, because I have absolutely no idea how long the ‘waiting period’ is. Maybe it’s 24 hours…. maybe it was just 10 mintues more than the twenty I already invested. I am feeling like a stalker commenter and I don’t like that. I really am not trying to be malicious ( the reason given for not allowing postings from commenters until an unspecified wait time is up)… really.

My Comment:

When snarkiness gets let loose one must tread cautiously…. so I will try to tip toe, although I confess to often losing my balance in this… but here goes:

One thing about the idea of being “intellectual” is that it is intimidating. Since being online I would now NEVER self-identify that way, but I think that the name of the blog was more about theme. And in that theme I think people visit with expectations of their own mood… they want a hefty portion of the serious, or at least some mind-stretching.

I do think you ought to fulfill some of that for your readers. I think you have the resource within your author(esse)s to accomplish that.

I don’t think you should edit out your own strengths based on what you think ‘people out there’ would or would not understand. If it is worth writing a thesis on maybe it is worth serving up a portion of. Maybe?

I would like to see you all forge ahead finding your voice, as individuals here and as a group.
I am still interested:) …. and snarky can just be one more state of mind, nothing to find intimidating so much as challenging. It helped to get it out there and discussed, right?

You all seem to be brave ladies to me, and ones willing to invest time and effort. Onward and upward….. um… and snarks take the hindmost ( sorry , so bad of me… never mind;)

How little I knew that “…never mind” would be a self-sulfilled prophecy;) And the snarks are going to be out to get me…. I just know it.
But the tip-toe? That is gone.

Women who blog might need to develop thicker skins. Or stated behavior expectations. That works on forums. Sometimes in forums they have a behavior list for newcomers, It isn’t as bad as it sounds, since the purpose is to maintain the …how did Beatrice Potter put it? The repose. The tone and the feeling that visitors can expect on the interactions on that site.

As more people go online and discover blogs it necessarily changes the community. Like when your favorite secret restaurant suddenly gets press and flooded with newcomers. Good for business, but it strains your expectations a bit. Everyone has to accomodate somewhat.

That is what I think, but I’m no blog maven…..JMO.

And don’t anyone get all offended at me for this… it is all in the spirit of friendliness and goodwill…. we ought to have at least that much leeway with one another.