internet mysteries

In one of those mysterious things on the internet …. I have some strange option that has come up in the comments. It prevents me from commenting and maybe you….? I can only guess that it is something from movable type to prevent spread of spam and/or the most recent virus.

I have no idea. I just know I didn’t initiate it.

So here is my reply to the last comment (Vash):

We do have revivals… which one did you hear about?

I don’t think Christianity is presently considered a cool thing, although it has had its moments in recent memory.

The good thing about Christianity going through adversities in this country is that it tends to chip away the concretions of socially traditional acceptance. Which seems death to its growth as a living experience. When that sort of revival springs forth it isn’t engined by societies approval ratings. Even at its most widespread.

That might seem contradictory- but it is in the endurance of the individuals faith that you find evidence of how true that is.