It Ain’t Me

Facebooks attraction for some is seeing what level of fool you can claim for yourself. Won’t be me, babe. This is life? This is freedom? This is what the modern woman attains to? I don’t think so. Someone needs to relay the message.

giseleThe dollar is down, and suddenly American money isn’t good enough. Why should advertisers representing American markets hire them, then. It isn’t as though we don’t have plenty of models to chose from, I don’t think it is so savvy to insist on payment in certain currencies if it means offending your biggest employer.

…and I have a bone to chew with the journalist who wrote:

…at the top of a growing list of rich people who have concluded that the currency can only depreciate because Americans led by President George W. Bush are living beyond their means.

Wait one cotton pickin’ moment. When did the credit loom larger than savings? There was nothing from the Clinton years? It all started with the lead of Big Bad Bush? We have had alot of things unravel and they were a slow train coming that predates the present President by many a year. Our economy problems, foreign policy problems, and vulnerability to terrorism did not suddenly spring up under Bush’s watch. If you’re going to search for someone to blame (besides our greedy selves, or somebody’s greedy self[ves]) at least be accurate about it.