It easier for a camel, but still…

Tim Berglund — See What Large Letters I Use
is a blog new to me via Parableman, Jeremy Pierce.

Here he is writing about the souls of the rich, and I say preach it!

Does the Gospel of Christ change wicked social and economic structures? Is it true that there is not a single thumb’s width of the universe over which Christ does not say, “Mine”? Yes. Without doubt. But the power of the Gospel begins with God’s reaching out to the souls of these postcards, those consciences which stand condemned, knowing the weight of guilt and shame. This Gospel is no simple prayer for God’s wonderful plan for your life: it is the genuine washing of the soul, the imputation of every node of guilt onto the innocent, holy Son. Wealthy humans may have difficulty responding to such grace, despising their comforts for the sake of their salvation, but our need remains as our gasping breaths grow ever more shallow and frantic. Jesus Christ is our true water, our light, our salvation from such a mire.